Every successful team has to have a leader. And the leader has to have a firm grasp of the concepts that make him/her a successful leader of team captian. Our Captain's Academy provides cutting edge leadership training for winning at education, sports, and life!

Our focus is on developing the student/athletes knowledge, skills, and abilities:


Pre-game & In-game Motivation

Mental Toughness & Agility

Building Self-Confidence & Confidence in Others

Making a Commitment to Improvement & to the Team

Learning how to Sharpen Focus & Attention to the Task at Hand

Energizing Practices & Striving for Excellence

Managing Team Conflict

Strategies for Building Team Chemistry

Earning Respect & Becoming a Vocal Leader

Working with Coaches to Set Goals

Managing Difficult Teammates

Leading by Example

Evaluating & Assessing Personal & Team Performance


At the TLS - Captain's Academy exceptional student/athletes learn tools, techniques, and strategies for winning with character, teamwork, poise, respect for coaches, determination, respect for officials, and opponents, dignity, and perseverance through tough challenges, to maintain a positive mental attitude, to mentor younger athletes, to respect the history and context of sport in society, and strategies for improving their performance and the performance of their teams, while having a good time in sport leadership activities.

The Captain’s Academy staff has more than 70 years of experience as team exceptional athletes, team leaders, coaches, and sports administrators. TLS knows leading and winning! We'll help you become an outstanding student/athlete at evey level of competition!