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Innovative & Creative Solutions for Leadership Challenges in Business, Education, & Sport


Overview of TLS Services

Welcome to TLS! We are the premier provider of Organizational, Group, and Personal Leadership Development Services for Education and Sport! 

Education and Sport are Human endeavors. Athletes, Coaches, and Sports Managers are human beings that win and lose. Problems, concerns, and issues arise when you fail to recognize that it is people and how each person handles learning and competition that either leads to success or failure. Have you prepared your athletes, coaches, or sports managers to properly manage the human conditions involved in education and sports?

More often than not, the answer is no. This is where TLS comes in. We provide the very best in Organizational Leadership & Development, Program Evaluation, Assessment, & Monitoring, Professional Development & Training, and Executive Coaching.

TLS practices the highest quality controls. Our Leadership Consultants have more than 75 years of experience as championship Professional and Collegiate athletes, and Professional, Intercollegiate, Recreational, and School Athletic Administrators.

At TLS you can expect an innovative Solution(s) for your Organizational, Group/Team, or Individual Leadership Challenges. There are few guarantees in life. Our guarantee is highest quality service and value for our customers.


Organizational Leadership & Development

Organizational leadership challenges may have lasting and damaging impacts on your business. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you may have an organizational leadership challenge that is preventing you from reaching your goals.

   Are you having a difficult time retaining quality employees?

   Does everyone pack up and prepare to leave minutes or even hours before closing time?

   Has a significant number of employees received poor performance reports?

   Are supervisors complaining about low morale adn high expectations?

So how did you do/ Did you have at least one yes? If so, then you, your organization, or team may be facing a challenge where TLS can provide solution(s). The longer the challenge lasts, the more difficult it is to make sustainable changes. Contact TLS today, your innovative solutioin may be just a phone call away!

Evaluation, Assessment, & Monitoring

Achieving the highest level of performance requires that every athlete, coach, and sports manager know and practice the best techniques for evaluation, assessment, and monitoring individual, team, and organizational performance. 

Properly manaing the human endeavors, behaviors, and conditions may be the 1% that determines winning or losing. Sport is played by people, coached by people, and managed by people. So, it is important to get it right!

Evaluation efforts can help:

  • Determine if program objectives were accomplished.
  • Discover what impact the program, product, or service had on the business or its personnel. What did they learn? What practices did they adopt or change?
  • Provide information for decisions concerning future operations and business. Should a program or service be continued, expanded or terminated? What are the implications for future programs? Should program objectives, delivery methods, or services be changed?
  • Obtain information about products, programs, or services to present to key individuals or groups who are concerned about the effectiveness programs--funders, legislators, administrators, advisory councils, boards/commissioners, program supporters, subject-matter specialists, other decision makers.
  • Provide information for formal reports, including localized monthly, quarterly, or annual "accountability reports," annual reports, and state annual accomplishment results.

At TLS  our evaluation, assessment, and monitoring strategies, tools, and resources enhance your academic and sports programs and differentiate your student/athletes from the rest by:

1) Delivering leadership training that is focused on best practices;

2) Improving performance communication and interpersonal skills to improve competition;

3) Building stronger performance through enhanced relationships and team chemistry;

4) Improving performance consistency and sustainability;

5) Providing top quality instruction for every learning style with a multifaceted approach; and

6) Developing the human skills that give your athletes, coaches, and sports managers the competitive advantage over their competition

At TLS we have the education and sport industry experts to guide you with creative and innovative strategies, tools, and resources to resolve performance issues/concerns/problems and support to achieve your highest performance expectations!!

Determining the appropriate Services  

Does your organization, group, or team share a common set of beliefs (ethos) about the division of labor, training, or recognition and rewards? Is this shared belief reflected in your standards, policies, and procedures? Do your student/athletes, coaches, staff, and managers have personal performance and professional development plans that provide resources that support the hightest levels of personal and professional growth and development? If not, TLS will develop the personal and professional development plan that meet your needs. Our plans demonstrate to your students/athletes, and employees that you are committed to their development as a person, as a member of your organization/team, and as a winner.

Executive Coaching & Consulting

In today’s fast-paced, dynamic, competitive, and ever-changing business climate, education and sports executives need to be proactive in developing their own knowledge, skills, and abilities as well as those of their team members. This is one of the major reasons for executive coaching. Executive coaching is a personal, one-on-one session(s) between a coach and an executive. Organizations/Teams may also employ executive coaches for their executive management team or for senior level managers to enhance team performance, and to improve and sustain results. T

Our aim is to enhance the personal and performance of the education or sports executive and through thsi enhanced performance, the executive’s organization/team.

TLS Executive Coaches help guide an executive to success with a winning plan to streamline strategy and operations so the executive is able to manage ever more with ever less.

TLS Executive Coaching & Consulting will assist the most highly skilled and capable executive maintain a competitive advantage, provide innovative solutions, and stay on top of the leadership challenges in today’s fast-paced education or sports environment.