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The Following is a list of programs and services we provide:

Deconstructing Systemic Racism 

Dr. Dwayne B. Thomas, Ph.D., facilitates and supverises all training programs and services in TLS's efforts to deconstruct the pervasive constructs of Systemic (Institutional) Racism. Having excelled in training from Harvard University, Florida State University, The University of Iowa, and Bethany College, is multiple areas of expertise including understanding and surfacing dominant narratives and engaging narrative transformation strategies; using Bolman & Deal's Reframing Organizations frameworks to support connected, reflective, and transformational teaching and learning practices; using Interests, Rights, Power (IRP) Analysis to strategically frame and support organizational leadership, transformation, and professional development; using media and popular culture to surface, engage, and facilitate reflection and conversation about dominant narratives that perpetuate racist stereotypes (Cognitive), prejudices (Affective), discriminatory actions (Behavioral) and to deconstruct unhealthy hierarchies of human value; and recognizing and navigating institutional politics that might prevent full engagement with transformational frameworks and best practices.

As a Scholar-Practitioner, one who demonstrates the “best qualities of a scholar along with the performance of an accomplished practitioner” (McGee, Wavering, & Imbeau, 2001, p. 5), Dr Thomas leads a cadry of training professionals. Each training workshops, seminar, etc., guides program participants through best practices, provided strategies and tools for organizational leaders and staff, and assisting organizations in the daily challenges of creating innovative learning activities, while leveraging all learning opportunities and maximizing efficient management of human and material resources. It is always an honor to be asked to be a part of assisting your team in addressing organizational, team, or individual needs!

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